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What if referees were allowed to be fans?

“Sure I saw him forearm the lad McCarthy. But what can I say I’ve always been a Manchester United fan so I was never going to send Rooney off.” So says Mark Clattenburg explaining his decision to turn a blind eye to a seemingly obvious red card offence. Speaking later in the week Martin Atkinson […]

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The Five Most Annoying Habits of Football Journalists (bloggers?) & Pundits

1. The Premier League era Yes, it’s an obvious one that annoys us all, but it’s probably the single most irritating habit of all commentators, and it reared its head again after the recent 4-4 result between Arsenal and Newcastle when one BBC pundit pointed out that this was the first such comeback in “the […]

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Good touch for a big man…Clarke Carlisle takes on Question Time

Being feted as Britain’s brainiest footballer is akin to being lauded as the least corrupt member of FIFA or Bulgaria’s most beautiful shot-putter.  In short: it’s not really something worth bragging about. That said, Clarke Carlisle performance on this weeks Question Time was nothing short of revelatory. In a week where Jermaine Pennant was dumb […]

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Silence is golden

As the fallout from Nani’s controversial goal against Tottenham continues, we’ve again heard calls for referees to speak to the media after matches. This, we’re told, will end the furore that follows the flash points in games – why was a player sent off, why was a goal disallowed, why wasn’t offside given? Refs should […]

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Why technology would ruin football

I like it when referees make mistakes. When they get it wrong it makes a football game. And the day that we have “consistent” referees, TV replays and goal-line technology will be one of football’s darkest days. Just imagine how dull football would be if referees always got it right. They’d be no more journeys […]

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Fergie’s double standard?

So Fergie’s got the raging hump again with the media. It seems he didn’t like the press reporting that he called Fernando Torres a cheat, after he called him a, er, cheat. To punish them he’s not going to speak to the media for a month. Ferguson clearly thinks this is a stand of principle. […]

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The Chump-ions League

It’s that time of the year, post World Cup melancholy whilst counting down the Saturdays till the big kick-off. Getting excited about the prospect of attending pre-season friendlies, admiring the groundsman’s handiwork over the summer and tasting the new flavour Pukka pie. However, one thing I will not be salivating over is Platini’s bloated behemoth […]

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