Season review 2013/14 – Liverpool

With Brendan Rodgers’s spell as David Brent in Being Liverpool a distant memory following the progress made across the previous season,¬†expectations at Anfield were already high last August. We asked Nick Moss (@dnsandnick) for his take on their eventful season.¬† Pleasure to watch or utter disaster? This barely needs to be covered! Watching Liverpool stream […]

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1FITG mid-season review: Liverpool

With less than a third of the season left to run, we’re reaching a key period for a number of clubs that still harbour some sort of ambition for the end of the season. In the first of a series of pieces where we’ve asked some of our writers for their thoughts on their team’s […]

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Rodgers at Liverpool – club at the crossroads

Following his unveiling at Anfield, Brendan Rodgers described Liverpool Football Club as “a dynasty”. Which begs the question did he mean the club had with an established, rich history of class and success, or was he likening it to a preposterous soap opera with storylines that beggar belief. Liverpool’s current predicament is the result of […]

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The Liverpool saga: Episode 3043; “The stadium”

New football stadiums seem to be in vogue these days. Every club wants a one. The benefits for a club when they move to a new stadium are quite clear to see. Increased attendances, more room for corporate hospitality, better experience for fans, more are For example, over the last few weeks, Tottenham and West […]

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