The absurdity of Vincent Tan at Cardiff City

The sacking of Malky Mackay by Cardiff City must have gone down as the least surprising event in football since Martin Jol got sacked from Fulham. It comes as the latest in a long line of increasingly odd and self-destructive moves by the Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan. Cardiff City has a history of ludicrous […]

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Shenanigans at Hull City. Whatever next?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery seems to be Hull City chairman Assem Allam’s maxim as he strives to outdo Cardiff owner Vincent Tan in stripping their respective clubs of tradition and history. Allam has a way to go yet to beat Tan who has not only changed the nickname and colour Cardiff play […]

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1FITG mid-season review: Cardiff

After a pre-season of controversy on the shock move from blue to red, Cardiff City have been setting the Championship alight with their results this season. @giraffefarmer gives us his thoughts on what’s happened and whether after a long spell out of the top league they’ll hold on for promotion. So what are your thoughts […]

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Cardiff City V Liverpool Carling Cup final Preview/rant…

There’ll be more an edge to the League Cup final on Sunday than you’d initially think for two teams that have little link or rivalry. A lot of this may come as a surprise to Liverpool supporters. One reason is that there are a lot of Liverpool fans that live in South Wales. And I […]

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Top football celebrations ever

After Super Mario’s ‘Why always me?’ T-shirt last week we then saw those crazy Scandinavia chaps trying to teach some pub team the fishing celebration and it got us thinking about celebrations. So many to choose from, impossible to order them. But here are some of our favourites: Marco Tardelli, 1982 the passion of being […]

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All change for the Cardiff City

Following last season’s stunningly inept end to the season which culminated in a dismal capitulation in the playoffs, it was clear there was going to be some soul searching at Cardiff City during the post-season break. Intense anger amongst a vocal group of fans and general disappointment amongst the majority, coupled with an obvious malaise […]

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All hope abandon, ye who enter in?

In the first part of his masterpiece, the Divine Comedy, Dante is accompanied by the Roman poet Virgil as he travels through the circles of hell where punishments fit the crimes of those cast below into Satan’s lair. I have no idea what fans of clubs who consistently have to compete in the playoffs have […]

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An Introduction to Jay Bothroyd

England’s friendly match against France on Wednesday has taken an interesting turn with the surprise call up of a striker from the Championship. For someone who’s not English this match would normally be one to avoid, but it may well be worth the effort to see if Jay Bothroyd gets his first cap and becomes […]

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How do you get out of the Hell that is the Championship?

Over the last few years the Championship has picked up a (highly deserved) reputation as being a tough and very competitive division. There are now a host of teams that can boast fairly recent Premiership experience (Sheffield United, Portsmouth, Leeds, Burnley, Ipswich, Reading, Hull, Middlesboro) as well as those that can think of themselves as […]

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Will the bluebirds fly again?

And so it all begins again, 78 days after the heartbreak of Wembley, Cardiff City pick themselves up for another shot at the promised land of the Premiership. Leaving Wembley in May the general feeling was that the City team that day would not be seen again. Surely the club would not be able to […]

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