1FITG mid-season review: Luton

Yesterday we gave you some thoughts on Liverpool’s season so far. Today @miller179 gives his thoughts on a team that’s actually still in the FA Cup – Luton Town. 1. So what are your thoughts on Luton’s season so far? Apart from the cup run, it’s been disappointing if I’m honest. Poor performances and losing leads […]

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The Abramovich Situation

The sudden, unexpected sacking of Roberto Di Matteo yesterday, and his instant replacement with Rafa Benitez as interim manager, is yet another episode in high budget soap opera taking place in West London. Or as AVB aptly commented, ‘just another day at the office’ for Chelsea. But it raises questions about just how Roman Abramovich […]

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FA Cup Pop

This weekend heralds the 4th round of the Budweiser sponsored FA cup. Dreams of Wembley are harboured by fans, whose clubs are still hanging on in the competition. The media like to talk about the romance of the FA cup. In its 141 year history, there have been many memorable moments. Ronnie Radford’s winning goal […]

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What to do with a problem like Alejandro Faurlín?

Following last night’s dramatic twist in the race for the final automatic promotion spot, eyes turn today to the FA hearing that could send shockwaves through the top 6. Despite being aware of the issue since March, the FA in its typically mind-boggling fashion has decided to wait until today to start proceedings on the […]

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A tragic end to the magic?

The FA Cup is unwell. It seems to have picked up an illness that’s gradually weakening it year-on-year. It probably caught the illness when it failed to wash its handles after visiting the League Cup in hospital a few years ago. The symptoms are similar certainly – declines in attendance levels, a weakening of teams, […]

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