5 Things We Learnt About The Premier League This Opening Weekend

Written by Roberto Kusabbi, @RKTweets   Vines are here to say. No matter what News International want. The Premier League issued a diktat on sharing Vines from Premier League footage this weekend. This particular iron has been in the fire for awhile. Even sharing links of Vines would be in breach. Apparently. Yet the first weekend […]

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The transfer saga is here to stay

By @RKTweets A big trend in the transfer windows of the last few years has been the ‘saga’. This summer we have Bale, Suarez and Rooney, Lamela, Willian and the list goes on… In years gone by the names Fabregas, Van Persie, Ashley Cole and Modric have all been the main characters. But while the […]

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Hanging up the boots for the bench: 5 of the best starts

With James Beattie (Accrington Stanley) and David Weir (Sheffield United) stepping into their first managerial roles this summer following successful recent playing careers, this week we consider the best and worst starts for those fresh from their playing careers that have headed into the chaotic world of football management. First up, here’s our list of […]

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1FITG mid-season review: Liverpool

With less than a third of the season left to run, we’re reaching a key period for a number of clubs that still harbour some sort of ambition for the end of the season. In the first of a series of pieces where we’ve asked some of our writers for their thoughts on their team’s […]

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Rafa Benitez: This week’s guest host on Have I Got Blues For You

There are legitimate reasons why you might be sacked within six months of achieving for your employer its greatest ever success. Stealing from the company, perhaps, or punching your boss in the face and calling him a knob. As far as we know, Roberto Di Matteo didn’t do any of these things, and he has […]

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Rodgers at Liverpool – club at the crossroads

Following his unveiling at Anfield, Brendan Rodgers described Liverpool Football Club as “a dynasty”. Which begs the question did he mean the club had with an established, rich history of class and success, or was he likening it to a preposterous soap opera with storylines that beggar belief. Liverpool’s current predicament is the result of […]

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Cardiff City V Liverpool Carling Cup final Preview/rant…

There’ll be more an edge to the League Cup final on Sunday than you’d initially think for two teams that have little link or rivalry. A lot of this may come as a surprise to Liverpool supporters. One reason is that there are a lot of Liverpool fans that live in South Wales. And I […]

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Liverpool offer Carroll for Tevez – transcript of phone call – Exclusive!

With the news that Liverpool tried to swap £35million flop Andy Carroll for Carlos Tevez we at 1FITG Towers went on a search for the  conversation transcript. Here is what we found – disclaimer the following may or may not have *actually* happened: Liverpool: <Ring> <Ring><Ring><Ring> “Hi, is Gary Cook there?” Man City: “Er..he doesn’t […]

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6 bad and random Premier League signings 2011

1 – Fernando Torres (to Chelsea) Oh Fernando, what have you become? Lumbering, awkward, slow and unhappy. 3 goals in 28 games for Chelsea – a goal every 9 games says a lot. With the £50 million price tag saying the rest, that makes it £16.6 million a goal. If there has been a bigger […]

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The ‘racism’ keeps on coming..

Things move fast in the world of football and dodgy racial relations. By the time our post on Suarez was up yesterday on the Suarez affair, everyone was starting to move on to John Terry. And while many were contemplating the impact of the John Terry case a whole load of people moved on to Alan […]

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